Our Skill Development Program Includes

  • Adaptability
  • Being Team Oriented
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Listening
  • Developing a culture of learning
  • Encouraging curiosity
  • Identifying gaps in knowledge and understanding
  • Setting goals
  • Using tools and technology


Why Skill Development at NEXPLACE

Skills and knowledge are driving forces of economic growth and social development in any country. Countries with higher levels and better standards of skills adjust more effectively to the challenges and opportunities in domestic and international job markets. Connect us today to enhance your skills


We are special :

What do you lose when you compromise on soft skills? It is safe to say that businesses are aligned with keeping their personas as approachable and as solution-oriented as can be. While hard skills equip you with performing the functions of your job, soft skills equip you with the ability to understand, analyze, and respond appropriately to situations. Even technology, such as AI chatbots, are now used to imitate ‘soft skills’ and empathy to bring a human touch, during interactions. Hence, there is a lot to lose when your workers are not able to establish this element, when needed.

High-performance teams are often identified by collaboration and teamwork. This is why employees must learn to understand a perspective, take it in stride, receive proper feedback, and be able to delegate tasks effectively. This soft skill is the essence of a healthy team dynamic.

New research points to three important insights about curiosity as it relates to business. Firstly, curiosity is much more important to an enterprise’s performance than previously thought. That’s because cultivating it at all levels helps leaders and their employees adapt to uncertain market conditions and external pressures. When your curiosity is triggered, you think more deeply and rationally about various decisions and come up with creative solutions.

Here are a few steps you can take to identify and understand knowledge gaps when it comes to soft skills.

“All of this has been achieved against the background of the ongoing global pandemic and we would like to thank employees throughout the business for their hard work and willingness to embrace change.”