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Permanent Staffing
––– Permanent Staffing
Nexplace Permanent Staff has a lot of benefits and a term signed with the company. However, it also includes fixed-term contracts, where the employee is paid through the employer’s payroll. Permanent employees are eligible for employee benefits, such as paid vacations, sick days, bonuses and a wide range of other perks that are given to permanent employees as part of an employer’s workforce retention strategy.
C2H Staffing
––– C2H Staffing
Contract workers are both part of the contingent workforce, which makes up the wider gig economy, there are significant differences between these classifications of workers. Those who are contract workers, work at our office, get all the benefits as the permanent employees get, but receive their pay from the company they have joined from.
––– Freelancer
Nexplace Info Private Limited is giving HR Consultants a rare opportunity to earn extra amount through their skills. We are open for freelancers to join Nexplace and we help them grow their career as well as give jobs to millions of job seekers. Currently, we have 25+ freelancers working with Nexplace and are earning Rs.l 1 Lakh per month on an average.
––– Refer & Earn
World’s first referral marketplace that brings the power millions of committed referral members and influencers to empower every business to source qualified sales leads and jobseekers in exchange for referral commission only for successful transactions. A noble concept to help millions of referral members achieve financial stability by supporting businesses to prosper
Refer & Earn
–––––  What we do?
» We are the Leading IT / Non-IT staffing solution provider in India, servicing clients across the Globe
» We are an Effective Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider. We do Effective Hiring, Training, and Deploying.
» We have a unique platform based on the "Refer and Earn" process.
» We assist in growth optimization by implementing best practices.
» We provide Flexible options for Contract Staffing and Permanent Staffing.
» We ensure bridging of manpower demand-supply gap.
» We assist in recruitment and staffing processes using the latest technology.
» We cater to all industry staffing and recruitment needs.
» We have excellent knowledge of the market and focus on serving our clients.
Our Maxim

At Nexplaceinfo, we are guided by the simple maxim “stay relevant for your customer, always”. In strict adherence to the maxim, we follow a diligent screening process to ensure only the right candidates reach the customer for a face-to-face meeting.



–––––  Our Strategy
Our Job

Recruitments - Hiring, training and retaining relevant talent is the most critical investment to make. It’s all about building inherent capabilities.

For each role, we strive to understand its details including :

» Its overall impact and importance for the organization (what would happen if the role did not exist at all).
» Whom does it service, both internally and externally?
» Who is it dependent upon for its success?
» What is it expected to deliver, in tangible terms?
» What are the skills required to be successful within the role?
» Which skills are mandatory, and which ones are preferred?
» What are the softer aspects of the role?
Guide Candidates
Thorough Evaluation
Thorough Evaluation

We evaluate potential candidates against the required skill set, using a checklist and arrive at an overall evaluation of the candidate’s capabilities. Based on this evaluation, we put only the most relevant candidates to our clients.

Guide Candidates

Wherever possible, we help our candidates with preparing for the face-to-face interview. We get them to speak with our in-house experts for seeking their guidance around the potential nuances of the role and the organizational dynamics.

Stay connected

For candidates that have been offered a role by the client, we stay in constant touch with them till the time of their joining, just to ensure they stay on course with their joining commitment.

Stay connected
Simplified and efficient operations:

We will ensure resources and capabilities are focused on our most important combustibles markets. Our NGP operations have been brought together within a unified, entrepreneurial business unit to more effectively leverage capabilities and resources. Our global enabling functions, such as Finance and HR, will be aligned to support the delivery of the new strategy and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

Performance-based culture and capabilities:

We are embedding a performance-based culture to enhance accountability, improve our agility and support teamwork and collaboration throughout the business. Rewards and incentives will be aligned to reinforce performance and delivery of the Group objectives. This is already being reinforced through senior monthly performance reviews.


Consumer at the center of the business:

Too often our decisions in the past have not been sufficiently informed by consumer insights and data. This is changing and we are investing to support a consistent approach to consumer insight, including better capabilities in brand and trade marketing, portfolio management, innovation and sales excellence.



–––––  Improving our ways of working
To support the delivery of our strategic priorities, we are changing how we operate to embrace new ways of working and to enhance our culture. We have identified three critical enablers to drive these changes:

Our Campus Drive

We focus more on newbies and new talents. We don’t ask them for experience, instead, we provide them an opportunity to get work experience in the vast corporate sector. Campus recruitment is one of our key strategies for sourcing, engaging and hiring young talent for entry-level positions. We focus on development, organizational culture, and work-life balance opportunities. Campus recruitment comes with a lot of advantages to a student. They get a chance of getting selected in a reputed company and achieving their ambitions.


Women Empowerment

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Nexplace Info Private Limited started in the year 2019 and is a professional global IT/non-IT staffing service provider headquartered in Bengaluru. We unlock deep insights in bringing the right people together in challenging established thinking to drive organizational transformation.


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