–––––  Who we are?
Nexplace Info Private Limited was incorporated in the year 2019 as a professional IT and Non-IT staffing provider. Based at Bengaluru, we are the top staffing service provider in India. We bring the right people according to corporate requirements and service clients across the globe.


Nexplace Info helps clients to maximize their performance by leveraging the best talents having technical expertise & domain-wide experience. As we enter a new era of growth, we transform new strategies which are supported by changing how we operate to embrace ways of working and to enhance our culture. Our core business is built around a comprehensive portfolio, providing emerging opportunities for job seekers.
As we enter a new era of growth, we are transforming a new strategy, one which is supported by changing how we operate to embrace ways of working and to enhance our culture. By creating a challenger mindset among our 200+ employees, and putting the consumer at the centre of the business, we seek to strengthen sustainable delivery and unlock long-term value for all our stakeholders. Integral to the long-term success of our business is our sustainability strategy. We take pride in behaving responsibly and running our business the right way. It’s not just the right thing to do – it underpins the ongoing growth and development of our business.
–––  Vision
To headhunt potential, talented employees to fulfill the demand-supply chain, making it cost-effective and smooth working for our client.
Make Nexplace the preferred choice for our clients across the globe who would trust us for genuine services. We assure our staff of success and give them wings to fly high.
Mission & Vision
–––  Mission
To unleash the potential of talent and bridge the employee demand-supply gap making it cost-effective and smooth-working for our client organization.
To make Nexplace Info the preferred choice of clients across the globe by designing our recruitment and staffing processes for success and engineering them to achieve the goals.
–––––  Nexplace Team
Ramoji Gowda, Chairman
Harshitha R Gowda, Chief Executive Officer
Ramoji Gowda
Ramoji Gowda, Founder, and Chairman at Nexplace Info Pvt Ltd is the strong pillar of the company. His ideology and great vision enhances the company standards and helps build a better future for everyone in his organization. He gives aspiring entrepreneurs like you a chance to make your mark on the world through your work.
Harshitha R Gowda
Chief Executive Officer
Harshitha R Gowda, CEO at Nexplace Info Pvt Ltd is a young and dynamic manager (or executive) with a passion for hard work. She believes that she can get the best out of her employees by making them feel valued and rewarded for all their hard work. Her company strives to grow in order to expand its reach to more people while staying true to its ideals.
–––––  Our Strategy
Recruitments: Hiring, training, and retaining relevant talent is the most critical investment to make. It’s all about building inherent capabilities.
> Diligent screening process
The new strategy is founded on pillars:
Our Maxim: At Nexplace Info, we are guided by the simple maxim “stay relevant for your customer, always”. In strict adherence to the maxim, we follow a diligent screening process to ensure only the right candidates reach the customer for a face-to-face meeting. For each role, we strive to understand its details including:
» Its overall impact and importance for the organization (what would happen if the role did not exist at all).
» Whom does it service, both internally and externally?
» Whom is it dependent upon for its success?
» What is it expected to deliver, in tangible terms?
» What are the skills required to be successful within the role? 
» Which skills are mandatory, and which ones are preferred?
» What are the softer aspects of the role?

We thoroughly evaluate potential candidates against the required skill set, using a check-list and arrive at an overall evaluation of candidate’s capabilities. Based on this evaluation, we put up to our clients only the most relevant candidates.

We will ensure resources and capabilities are focused on our most important combustibles markets. Our NGP operations have been brought together within a unified, entrepreneurial business unit to more effectively leverage capabilities and resources. Our global enabling functions, such as Finance and HR, will be aligned to support delivery of the new strategy and ensure efficient allocation of resources.

–––––  Why Nexplace ?
To Employees
Candidate’s Future Path
Client’s Trust worthy
To Employees

Nexplace has 200+ employees working tirelessly for the betterment of society and eradicating unemployment. We have 15 teams with about 15 recruiters, 1 Team Lead and 1 Co-ordinator respectively for one team. However, every employee is treated equally and have the same privilege. To manage the works of every team, we have delivery managers to keep a track on revenue, targets, payment status, candidate status, and others too. Joining Nexplace will undoubtedly enhance the career graph and help them find better opportunities too in near future

Candidate’s Future Path

Around 5000+ candidates are currently working in reputed IT & Non-IT Companies. Our Recruiters work hard day in and out to find the best candidates and help them get the perfect job for their profile. We want every person to get the best of best company suitable for their profile. In-order-to get them the best job, we filter each candidate based on their communication skills, education, previous work experiences.

Client’s Trust worthy

Nexplace Info Pvt. Ltd is one of the trusted brand serving the best employees to clients since 2019. However, we have also bagged the title as premium vendors from top most IT & Non-IT Companies. Since 2019, we have recruited about 5000 employees to about 30+ companies. Along with giving them the best employees, we also look forward to grow together


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Nexplace Info Private Limited started in the year 2019 and is a professional global IT/non-IT staffing service provider headquartered in Bengaluru. We unlock deep insights in bringing the right people together in challenging established thinking to drive organizational transformation.


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